Why should I book with Tipperary Irish Tours?

Tipperary Irish Tours offers all the advantages of traveling with an established tour company—such as avoiding the stress of finding hotels, planning transportation, etc.—but with the personal touch of a small, family-owned business. Our tour director, Chery Heintz, personally plans and goes on every trip, so there is always an experienced Irish traveler to address any needs you may have.

Is payment in full required when I sign up?

No. You will be required to make a deposit of $500 when you register for your tour, and full payment is not due until 90 days prior to departure. Personalized payment plans are available.

Will I have free time while I am in Ireland?

Yes. You will have at least one day entirely free to do as you wish, as well as a few nights free to have dinner on your own. Suggestions on how to spend your free time will be available.

Will my cell phone work in Ireland?

Your cell phone will work if you have added an international plan to your service. Check with your provider for specific details.

Will I have access to WiFi in the hotels?

Yes. All hotels and B&B’s offer WiFi, but it is not always reliable and will typically only be available in the mornings and evenings. So if you must be reachable at all times, it is best to arrange an international plan on your cell phone.

Is the electricity different in Ireland?

Yes. Ireland uses 230-volt electrical outlets, so travelers will need to bring a Type G adapter. If you are using any electronics with heat (such as a hair dryer), you will need to have a voltage converter. Please inquire with any further questions, or for advice on where you can purchase these items.

What is the weather like in Ireland?

During the summer months the temperatures range between 58 and 75 degrees. The usual forecast is a mix of sunshine and rain showers, so travelers should dress in layers and be prepared with a waterproof hooded jacket.

How many hours are spent on the coach on a daily basis?

The answer varies depending on the itinerary. We always make it point to stop at least every hour and a half to allow guests to stretch, grab a snack, or visit a restroom.

Should I purchase Euros prior to my trip?

It is not necessary to purchase Euros prior to departure. Upon arrival in Ireland, the first stop always includes a local bank where travelers can purchase Euros. In addition, ATM’s are widely available and will dispense cash in Euros.

What credit cards are accepted in Ireland?

MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted. Discover and American Express are limited.

Do I need to notify my bank and credit card company regarding my travels to Ireland?

Yes. It is always good practice to notify your bank and credit card company that they will see transactions from Ireland.