The Tipperary Story

The History of Tipperary Irish Tours

Tipperary Tours was originally the creation of my sister, Trish Hardner, who was also the owner of Tipperary West Irish Imports in Erie, Pa. Trish visited Ireland many times with Tipperary West, and it was these trips that inspired her to develop a tour of Ireland for family members. What began as a fun idea turned into a successful business for 12 years. Her love of Irish history and culture was contagious. Her thirst for knowledge of Ireland was unending. Her appreciation for the laughter and joy of the trips made everything worth it for her. What better way to share her love of all things Irish than to take guests to Ireland?

The tours began in 1994 and lasted until 2006 – the only year that a tour did not take place was 2002, due to the tragic events of 9/11. The tours were first guided by Willie Scales of Ennistymon, followed two years later by Brian Farrell of Burren Coaches. Trish developed a close working relationship with both Willie and Brian and it wasn’t long before they became close friends. Castles, pubs, music, theatre, history and culture were all part of the tour. Long standing friendships and memories to last a life time were shared by all who visited Ireland with Trish. If you were lucky enough to travel to Ireland with Trish, you understand how special the trips were for both her and her guests. What started out as a trip for family members eventually stretched into friends and even strangers. But even if you started out as a stranger, you were soon friends forever. Trish also guided several group tours for musicians, retirees, college students and faculty.

Trish’s untimely death in 2007 unfortunately put an end to the tours, despite continued requests for them to continue. After a four year hiatus, I am proud to continue the legacy that my sister Trish created and cherished so much. I feel honored to pick up right where my sister left off — spreading the Irish culture and heritage to our many guests. My love for Ireland, the delightful and welcoming Irish people, and the litany of historical places and events all fuel my desire to continue learning about this wonderful country.

Tipperary Irish Tours is now available for bookings. I am excited that we will once again have Brian Farrell as our coach driver. Brian is an exceptional tour guide and an integral part of the trip. Our tours combine structured events with ample free time, the Irish countryside, big cities and small towns, history, culture, music and laughter. Our goal is to make sure that you have a fun-filled and memorable Irish experience on your journey to Ireland with Tipperary Irish Tours.

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